Competencies Mea Intuis is directly involved in : - The set-up of the SPOT Asian network of ground stations; - The set-up of the RADARSAT worldwide network of ground stations; - The conceptualisation and the set-up of a maritime surveillance dedicated automated ground station on the island of Kerguelen (Indian Ocean), remotely operated from Toulouse; - The set-up of the operations of Certification for the RADARSAT ground stations; - The negotiation of SPOT, RADARSAT and ENVISAT downlink agreements; - Maritime surveillance projetcs in the Middle-East; - The validation of a rice food-security project (IRIS, financed by ESA); - The search and the validation of strategic partners in the domain of risk assessment (environment, global warming, agricultural resources, water resources…) - A new EO satellite mission for North Africa - Consulting for Spot Image, Meteo France, CLS Argos, Telespazio… Mea Intuis works in cooperation with the P.L.A.N. network of experts in Africa and Middle East, and with the Russian Scanex company when appropriate, which has sold more than a dozen ground stations in the world - with 3 receiving RADARSAT. The Mea Intuis offer includes: - A global, muti-cultural and strategic commercial vision, within a dynamics based on risk assessment related to global warming and to the major challenges facing our societies; - Market studies, Business Plans, Commercial Action Plans that are tuned to the specificities of the EO sensors with respect to the intended markets; - The support and consulting for new Earth Observation satellite missions, for radar and optical sensors; - The support to the negotiation of downlink contracts with satellite operators; - The support to the Certification of operations for ground stations; - The set-up of automated and semi-automated solutions for the extraction of informations related to maritime surveillance projects, or for agricultural projects (food security, locusts early warning systems, water resources for irrigation…); - The training of the local station operators; - The training on remote sensing operations, for radar and optical sensors; - The access to SPOT imagery covering the northern part of Africa; - The access to THEOS imagery for Europe, Northern Africa, and Middle East.
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